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    Thanks for that pic. Not sure what I can do until the next update comes out. although I’m happy if its visible. Fingers crossed its only my safari acting up.

    Thanks again


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    Sorry for the delay in getting back on this. I still is hanging. I have emptied the cache and reset safari. I am running Safari 5.1.7.

    I use safari all the time and its only started hanging since i did the last update of the theme although i did update safari at the same time. My site is



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    HI Josh, Not so new to WP but not too advanced either other than some introduced me to filezilla a while back. I have followed your instructions to edit above, but how do I save the changes from the Dashboard. When i could not save it i did my usual using filezilla and edited it there. It worked but how do i save direct in the dashboard editor tool as that would be so much easier.

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    Thanks Kenneth.. I actually was putting in info earlier today and deleted the home page…. thanks for the permalink correction. I’ll just hold out for IE…

    Cheers again


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