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    Hi, Do you have an update to this? It’s still not working and I now have a situation where I need to use the same settings on several sites.

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    I also have this problem & it’s urgent because I’m trying to combine content from one website and a theme from another… on new hosting. Can you give me an update as to when the next theme update will occur? Or is there an alternative way of importing the theme settings?

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    Thanks… do you have any idea of timescales? It seems to be a problem on all medium size displays… I checked on my Amazon Fire tablet and it doesn’t work on that either. Most of the websites I support only have one drop-down level, but it’s only a matter of time before the ones with 2 notice!

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    Thanks… very impressed with the theme in general & your swift response to queries.

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    Many thanks again…

    What’s the best way to check if the code for graphene_page_navigation has been updated? – is there a way? Graphene is the best theme I have found for doing school websites because it’s so easy to customise – and I have about 60 sites on the go! – though they won’t all need this feature. I’m already having to apply updates individually because some are still using V1.

    Sorry – I should have thought about looking in spam but I hardly get any emails in there that shouldn’t be – I’ve found them all.

    I’m already using the main thumbnail size for photo galleries. I suppose I could create another thumbnail size for these but I would then have to change the default seting for the gallery photo size! For the time being I’ve just put some padding round the image which seems to do the trick.

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    Sorry – one more question. Is there any way to force a custom image size (eg gallery-thumbnail which I have set up in my child theme’s functions.php) to be displayed as the thumbnail – without changing the main thumbnail size in Media Settings or adding a width/padding to your custom CSS above? I think the standard thumbnail size is a bit big…

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    Many thanks… it works perfectly!

    I understand that my modification will be preserved – but are you likely to be changing the graphene_page_navigation function? Presumably I will miss out if this is improved as I won’t be using the latest version?

    By the way, I have ‘Notify me of follow-up replies via email’ checked but am getting no notifications – hence my slow response to your first reply…

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    Thanks for your reply. Apologies… I managed to produce some code to display the contextual menu (News & Dates on the sidebar) on my Gallery posts and this is what you are looking at – which is a bit confusing. When I posted, the News & Dates menu was not displaying.

    To achieve this I slightly changed the code in the graphene_page_navigation function (in loop.php) and added it to my child theme’s functions.php so that it worked for pages as well as posts and manually set the $parent and $current variables for the Gallery posts.

    	$current_post = get_post($current);
    	if (($current_post->post_type=='post') && ($category[0]->name=='gallery')) {
    		/* Custom code for News & Dates section - parent page=27. This displays the News & Dates contextual menu on single post pages with category 'gallery' */
    		$parent = 27;
    		$current = 2936; /* ID of Gallery page */
    	$args = array(
    		'post_type'			=> array( 'page', 'post' ),
    		'posts_per_page'	=> -1,
    		'post_parent'		=> $parent,
    		'orderby'			=> 'menu_order title',
    		'order'				=> 'ASC'

    It works, but I’m concerned about keeping it future update proof!

    On the subject of the contextual menu – on the child page listings, is there a way to display no image unless there is a featured image set? It doesn’t always work to display the first image on the page.


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    The only things I have changed are the sidebar-two.php, functions.php and styles.css:




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