2nd level dropdown menu doesn't display on iPad

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    Re: http://lodgefarm.herts.sch.uk/ and others

    On the Parents tab, there should be a fly-out menu for eSafety. This works on my desktop & Android phone and an iPhone, but on an iPad – I have tried various versions of the iOS software. Clicking on eSafety does nothing. It isn’t supposed to link anyway but a sub-menu should be opened. I have changed theme to Twenty Seventeen and this works fine, as does Twenty Nineteen (well sort of!), but removing my child theme and reverting to Graphene doesn’t. I have also disabled all plugins to no avail.

    Even on the desktop version – which works, I’m getting jQuery errors in the debugger:
    1. Failed to execute ‘querySelectorAll’ on ‘Element’: ‘*,:x’ is not a valid selector.
    2. Failed to execute ‘matches’ on ‘Element’: ‘[s!=”]:x’ is not a valid selector.
    3. Failed to execute ‘matches’ on ‘Element’: ‘:visible’ is not a valid selector

    I am using Graphene on a lot of websites… all the ones I have tested have the same problem, but only with the 2nd level dropdown.

    I also get this problem when I display as desktop on my Android phone.


    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the report. We’ll include a fix for this issue in the next theme update.



    Thanks… do you have any idea of timescales? It seems to be a problem on all medium size displays… I checked on my Amazon Fire tablet and it doesn’t work on that either. Most of the websites I support only have one drop-down level, but it’s only a matter of time before the ones with 2 notice!



    Hi, This still doesn’t appear to be working. Sheredes Primary school – http://www.sheredesprimary.herts.sch.uk – have reported the issue, so I checked a few other sites and they are all the same.

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