Incorrect Template selected when editing a page

  • abellerby


    I have discovered that when I edit a page in IE8, although the page uses the default template, the item selected in the drop down menu under Page Attributes is always the second template on the list. This means that every time a page which uses the default template is edited, I have to remember to reselect the template or the navigation disappears. I notice that none of the options are ‘selected’ in the code.

    I thought Firefox was OK but there seems to be a similar issue with Firefox, though not so easy to reproduce.



    Have you manually edited or defined any additional templates for your theme?



    The only things I have changed are the sidebar-two.php, functions.php and styles.css:






    Please don’t dump hundred lines of code here. Use to share codes. Or, at least put your code between backtics. I’ve edited your post.

    Remove the functions used to change the header image height and width from functions.php file. You can specify the height of header image in Graphene Options itself. Header width will be set according to the container width.

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