wrong action hook action :)

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    Are you using the action hook features the Graphene Theme offers under

    Graphene Options -> Advanced Tab -> Action Hook Widget Area.

    Go under loop-single.php add a check mark where you want the widget to appear for example “graphene_after_post_content” is where I have mine, I plug in the HTML code share this gives and everywhere I have a post, the share these icons appear. Let me know if that works. You shouldn’t have to touch the function.php file at all for this.

    P.S. you will have to go to your widget area, and a new section should appear, then insert the text/html widget under that section.



    Hi again everyone,

    Tee, thanks for suggestion, but it didn’t help me. I think. my issue related only a browser settings and if I can understand a little bit, maybe a java settings issue can cause to all. IE as default works with X64 but GC and FF x32. I thibk, therefore all owrks fine in IE but I guess, I need to install java settings with x32 for GC and FF.

    I try to figure out in browsers forum too, maybe anyone can reveal the right solution, because I’m not sure what I’ve to do and don’t want to crash something else with settings of java.. I had all the time automatic,so I’ve no idea how can be possible to have got 2 different java settings on various browsers.

    Actually, I’m totally confused with all. So I’ll try to find completely a clear solution still.

    It’ll be very appreciated to find it here.

    Thanks in advance…

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