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    Hi everyone,

    I noticed after Tee_888’s reply that,somehow I have deleted style code for text-26 widget in child theme’s .css file.

    I had done an action hook as I mentioned in my first message here, the same as Kenneth tells in his site (in related article) and now noticed that the particular code correction I’ve done before is, not there !

    But, what is odds… It is working without problem in IE but not in other browsers…

    And now,I’m absolutely confused and can’t figure it in IE developer..because I’m not familiar as much as firebug in FF.

    Where I can start to fix or how I can or if Can I at all ?….?!?



    Just now, I let to my friend from England to check it out and she told me that, she can see all of them without problems in all 3 browsers.

    Does it mean that, I have to change some seetings in related browsers ? If so, what are ?



    After 4th days last revision on state of this issue :

    1 – Still can’t see share buttons neither in FF nor GC browsers.

    2 – Tried all the solution ways such as all plugins checks, update solutions, theme options checks, style files checks,browser settings checks,etc.

    3 – Noticed also that, CAPTCHA also doesn’t appear in FF and GC.

    4 – The weird thing,they work perfectly in IE – even without styled after action hook widget(share button issue )

    5 – I begin to get crazy, if nobody read something else than this from me till tonight, call to nearest mental hospital for me … ! No kidding ! :))

    Any effective help appreciated…really much appreciated !

    PS : Bonus for help : PRAY for helper ! :))) ( This is what really I’ll do. )



    I had a feeling I was right, not sure why it’s happening, but after editing your

    div class="add-this-right your missing an extra </div> on the end of that script. Once I edited the script of Firefox it worked!



    Hi everyone,

    Today, I wanted to restart whole action hook process from the very beginning. I deleted action hook option from Advanced section. Then I deleted the .php code from function.php file, already hasn’t been .css code.

    and now… I don’t have anything related to this action hook at the moment, but….

    I can see that it is still works on IE browser. ?????????????



    It sounds like you have some funky browser issues on your computer.

    If you insist on using IE, try pressing the “F5” button while on the page to refresh the browser.

    Also, if you are using any plugin which creates a cache on your server, you will need to empty the cache via the plugin settings page.



    Never mind last meesage! Cache problem was it now it is OK.


    Let’s say that, I want to back theme’s share button option (from addthis)instead of my ShareThis plugin which I use at the moment. How I can do it ?

    Just an idea…I try to something else for my issue,therefore I ask…




    1. Deactivate your ShareThis plugin.

    2. Go to addthis.com and get your code.

    3. Paste your code in the graphene options menu for social sharing.



    Thanks a lot Josh… I was expecting that, maybe using other theme’s options could fix my problem. Actually, I liked addthis option. But my funky browsers of FF and GC again don’t let me to see normally as IE browser. I am able see only not functioned icon and free baloon next to it in those problematic browsers.

    Really, I’m getting madden more on this issue. All is OK in IE but not in FF and GC !

    Shall I write something to them or what’s the matter with them ?



    Ohh,BTW… re-captcha plugin also doesn’t appear in those two browsers and again it works well in IE… !!!

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