What happened to my color settings?

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    I tried again and noticed two things, in the display – color section, when i add the hash, and click off the box the preview color changed to the correct color. The hash disappears though after clicking on something else, also when I go to save I noticed the colors are changing right back to the default in the preview! Is there a way to enter it into the CSS for it to be permanent?




    Hey All,

    Today I was just hopelessly messing around with the settings again trying things and somehow managed to just get one of my settings changed. The setting is no longer the default blue but is not showing up all white. The problem is I still am not selecting white as my background color for my button, it just took on white now instead of blue! Any advice helps! Sorry I can not think through this as good as many, new to wordpress and cms!





    Hey again!

    Here is a development, incase someone else out there is in the same boat. If I add the hash and then click out of the box I added it to to another, the hash will disappear. If I add a hash and hit enter, the change will be reflected on the preview and will also be made in the post. HOWEVER** Doing it this way only allows for one change, because as soon as I change another feature, the first one changed goes back to its previous default setting! Something is wrong with entering the # symbol because it appears that if it would stay in all the boxes, and I clicked save, they would all work….any suggestions? could it be like the problem in this post (Thanks, colours and widgets)?




    I have learned by researching and trying and failing and I have taken the (Thanks, colors and widgets) topic and learned that it was my IZ Calendar plugin which was not allowing my # marks to remain on the color editing page. Essentially it disabled the color picker and option. basically I think if I select the colors I want and then save them, and then enable the calendar plug in and never hit save again on the display options page, it should work. So if anyone else runs into this problem and the code fix doesn’t fix it listed earlier in this post, what does fix it is disabling your plugins one by one and trying it.

    I may just look for a different calendar!

    Thanks for all your help on this too!



    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for posting your findings, Greg! Also, you may want to let the plugin author know about this. I suspect whatever JavaScript the plugin includes in the admin page is included in every single admin page. It should really be restricted to just the plugin page, or the pages where the plugin needs it.



    Wanted to reply with a thank you to cmsnewb. I ran into the same problem and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going wrong.

    I’m glad the fix is as simple as deactivating IZ calendar temporarily as I update the theme.


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