What happened to my color settings?

  • monicaelearning


    Just updated to 1.5.1, and most of the custom color settings don’t work now. Everything is back to the defaults with lots of blue. The settings are still there, but they don’t seem to have any effect anymore.



    InMyGlass, you are not alone. The same thing just happened to me. Thanks for posting. I look forward to hearing from Khairul Syahir. I do have to say that other than this glitch, Graphene has worked much better for me than if did a few months ago.

    Khairul, I love Graphene. Keep the updates coming. Once my blog is up I will rate and donate.


    Syahir Hakim


    There’s a missing brace for the footer widget CSS that causes all other colour options to not be applied. Either use the default 3-column footer widget, or open up the theme’s functions.php file and change line 342 from this:

    $style .= '#sidebar_bottom .sidebar-wrap{width:'.$widget_width.'px';

    to this:

    $style .= '#sidebar_bottom .sidebar-wrap{width:'.$widget_width.'px}';



    I have the same issue.

    All of my fonts and colors settings were not being applied.

    I removed the value from the field for the number of columns in footer (it was set on 4, it’s now blank).

    It made my colors be applied, but I still have the font issue.

    My site: http://www.geekdad.fr/

    I also did some changes using a child them, like changing the slider behavior (what I did is described here: https://forum.graphene-theme.com/feature-requests/shuffle-slider-post-random#post-6893 )

    These changes do not seem to be applied anymore.



    That fixed it. Thanks!



    Thank you for your fast response. It worked perfectly. Thank you.



    Thanks for the Post Guys, Works Great Now! Thanks Syahir for such a wonderful Theme!



    You can forget my post above: I fixed my font issue (I made a mistake by adding the link to Google Font API into the original CSS file, instead of the Child theme’s CSS. I fixed it).

    My random slider is still broken, but I described the issue in another thread.

    The Lady GM


    Where do I go to find the function.php file in a numbered format? I know how to find it in editor via the dashboard page, but I want to make the changes as Syahir suggested. Please help me locate.

    Also, once I make this change am I supposed to click update?

    Thank you.



    I use Dreamweaver which provides numbering of lines. Unfortunately, there is no place in wordpress to use a numbered line format.

    You will need to download the functions.php file via your host panel, or through ftp.

    Once downloaded, open it on your desktop using dreamweaver, make the changes, and re-upload your saved file back to your server.

    NOTE: I always suggest making a backup of your file you are working on, just in case your changes cause a problem… you will have a good copy to replace it with.

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