Top Bar not showing Social Media icons after new 1.7 update

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    What about the people that never clear their browsing cache. They will still see the screwed up social media bar.

    Mine is still not working here:


    Syahir Hakim


    All caching solutions typically have time-to-live or time duration before the cached resources expire. So even though your visitors don’t refresh their browser (as simple as pressing CTRL+F5), those resources will eventually be expired and they’ll see the updated resources.



    Syahir Hakim


    Arlindovsky, please read the posts in this thread first.



    How do I add social media links to version 1.1.2?



    Also if you are using a CDN remember to purge its cache. It took me a while to remember this




    I’m an Italian user that uses the theme Graphene, thanks for your support for every problem.

    Keep it Syahir Hakim!

    My site is



    Hi there,

    purging the cache did not resolve the issue for me. can someone tell me whether or not all of my social icons are showing up on their browser (should be 5) or if the only thing you see is the rss feed icon?

    website is

    I’ll continue to troubleshoot on my end, but any other potential solutions or information to help my troubleshooting would be awesome.




    Hi there,

    I was able to resolve the issue after some trial and error (the issue had to do with the child theme. Here’s a bit of the how and why:

    I was dealing with the disappearing widgets issue and saw the advice of not having unnecessary files in the child theme.

    I purged all of the files in my child theme except for style.css. This helped in that it tried to show my custom topbar and not just the generic one, but the graphics and links were very broken.

    the style.css that i was using was one i had retained from 1.6.2. I deleted that and created a new style.css based off of the 1.7 style.css. This resulted in me seeing one graphic icon and 4 blanks – the one graphic icon that displayed was a custom one that i uploaded myself. The other four are ones that i was grabbing from the theme, and they were not displaying.

    I speculated that maybe this was a pathway issue of where the child was looking for the social icons, so i copied the images/social folder into the child theme. This resolved the issue completely. My icons are now displaying properly on my topbar.

    An alternative option without copying over the folder would be to take the relevant .pngs from the social folder and upload them as custom icons manually for all social media links you want to put in the top bar.




    Syahir Hakim



    The issues you’re seeing are the direct result of copying entire content of the the theme’s style.css file into your child theme’s style.css. You should not do this. Child theme’s style.css file should only contain CSS codes that you want to add or modify for the theme, not a copy of the theme’s style.css file.

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