Rotating headers for ONE category?

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    She posted it in her comments. Look for the “pastebin” links.

    HERE and HERE. And HERE is the WP forum for reference.



    Hello there,

    I just followed the instructions of the code (, cause I’m very interested in this feature, but apparently it doesn’t work on my site: I still get the default header everytime, no matter in what category I’m navigating.

    Maybe I did something wrong, so can you tell me:

    – Where did you put the code exactly: in the functions.php file I guess, but any particular location?

    РHave you set up a particular choice on the custom header section of the graph̬ne interface? What is your current set up there?

    – on your FTP, did you remove this default folder: /wp-content/themes/graphene/images/headers before you putted the appropriate folder? (namely /wp-content/themes/graphene/images/custom-headers)

    – any other things that I should do?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.



    Hi romain-

    -I put the code in my child theme functions.php file, in no particular order, it happens to be the second item down.

    -The only thing I have checked in the Graphene header option panel is “Link header image to home page”

    -I uploaded custom header images in the main appearance > header panel and selected the random choice

    -I went into the media panel and deleted all of the default images that came with them theme.

    -Follow Marventus’ directions very carefully. You have to do more than just put the code in your functions file, you have to create folders in the very specific way he directs in the commenting of the code and put the category or page id in the functions file code as well.

    See the original thread at the WP support site if you get stuck, maybe Marventus can help further. Once I got the folder structure right, it worked perfectly for me.

    Also I’m using the Map Categories to Pages plug in.

    Hope that helps!

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