Rotating headers for ONE category?

  • raindance


    Ok how about this…

    I want to have a blog section as part of the overall more “traditional” looking site.

    I made a category called Blog.

    I want a specific set of say 20 header images to appear for this category only. The blog header is different than the regular pages headers.

    Right now I have an entirely separate instance of graphene with a separate domain for the blog but this seems like a lot of extra work and unnecessary. Can I just make the “blog” be a subsection of the current site without maintaining an entirely separate domain and instance of graphene (all those settings and plugins to keep track of again…seems like duplicative effort?)

    Thanks in advance…



    What about something like this?

    Not sure how to apply it in Graphene though?

    There must be some way to say “this folder of 20 header images should be randomly rotated for category ‘blog'”?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Okay, from your second post, something like this maybe:

    Yup. Probably something like this:

    if (is_category('blog' )){
    <?php include('path to script that will rotate header images'); ?>

    Throw that in your <HEAD> using an action hook (I know you already know how to do that.) Then, find a script that rotates header images. I’ve used this one before, I think. It’s pretty simple to implement, and the header images don’t even have to in your WordPress installation.



    Ok thanks Ken I’ll try it out.

    Do you know what I mean about making one “section” be a “blog” and the rest of it look more traditional and not have a separate domain/graphene install (which is how I have it now but seems silly)

    Any suggestions for how to make this make the most sense?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, this is how I do it: — just regular HTML, CSS, and enough PHP to confuse myself (and ignored for far too long) — my personal blog — my book blog — my science blog (also ignored)

    That setup requires three separate Graphene installations, one in each of those three subdomains. And you’re right, it’s a bit of a pain, because I have to update things three things, and when I find a good plugin I have to install it three times, and when I do eventually go back and work on my science blog, it’s going to be like working on a blog from the 1950’s because everything will be so out-of-date.


    You could create a separate category just for blog posts (“blog” maybe?) and then (this is where my great plan breaks down) figure out some way to make just those posts appear on the blog page. I could swear I’ve seen this done somewhere, but for the life of me….



    Exactly, that’s my point. I don’t want to do that, which is how I have it set up now too. I also saw a post on this but have been almost back to the beginning of Graphene posts and didn’t find it.

    I have a category called blog, and I will post the posts just to that category, I have that set up. But I want the header images to be different and rotate just from a particular group of images for that category, see what I mean?


    Kenneth John Odle


    So long as those posts are assigned to the category “blog”, my suggestion above should work, but will take a bit of tweaking, because it will also need to knock out the regular PHP call to the standard header image. That’s the challenging bit. So, a bit more work than I had originally imagined. But not impossible.



    Hmmm…I think I would still need more guidance on how to implement. A plug in would be nice but I can’t find one out there.



    Seems like a lot of people would want that functionality. I know I can change the header image per post itself with the featured image being made bigger than the normal size, but, a category rotating relevant images would be even better.

    Syahir…any help?

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