Rotating headers for ONE category?

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    Can you help me get this dialed in? It’s so close to being what I want it to do…

    Did I miss something in your instructions?



    Any help Syahir? πŸ™‚

    So the only issue still is the category archive page, as you correctly pointed out earlier, is not showing images from /images/custom-headers/juicy-travels-blog

    Perhaps I missed something in your instructions?



    I’d really like to get this working…its so close.

    Am I missing something? I believe I implemented as you suggested so far. I’d really appreciate it if you would help me get it finished so I can move on with it…

    Thanks in advance



    To clarify where I’m stuck:

    Is how I want it. See the blog header image says Blog and is the purple letters & different photo of me. And that is the actual post itself.

    But on the category archive page (which I threw you off on with my own confusion)

    It still shows the “regular rest of the site – non blog header”

    The slug for the category is juicy-travels-blog

    The images are in the folder images/custom-headers/juicy-travels-blog/

    I love about this solution that I can make numerous subject specific image header folders and plug them in…that is so perfect about it, thank you.

    But I am stuck on how to make it pull random images from say the folder /juicy-travels-blog/ for the category archive page for the category /juicy-travels/blog.

    It’s doing it for the posts = perfect.

    It’s not doing it for the category archive page….can you please help me tweak it to also show header images from the slug title folder for the category archive page?

    Pretty please? πŸ™‚




    A really wonderful coder at the wordpress forum dialed this in beautifully for me.

    The code itself is here and really well commented.

    The WP Forum thread is here if anyone wants to see more details about how we got there.

    This is for category archive pages and single posts to rotate custom header images from folders you create. It works great and is super easy to use. It doesn’t work for single pages, but I figure I can just use a single custom header on a page so it doesn’t matter too much. He may try to re-work it to include pages but maybe not. He spent a lot of time dialing this in. It’s really well done and a pleasure to have! If he does re-work it to include pages he will update the pastebin. Just subscribe to that thread for updates.

    Thanks for getting it started Syahir.


    Kenneth John Odle



    I was watching this in the WP forums, as well. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it here with a little green icon. I’m bookmarking this for future reference.




    I know right? So wonderful. I am so grateful and the commenting is so fantastic and detailed and clear!

    By the way it bears saying here also…

    Marventus you rock πŸ™‚ Thanks from all of us in the Graphene forum for taking the time to dial that in so elegantly for me!



    Ohh and check this out! He just got it to work for pages also…here is the new code!

    As I said in the WP forum…

    Thank you Marvelous Marventous!



    Haha… I know Marventous. He is pretty spectacular. A true codemonkey πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad you got this resolved!



    Could you post the link to where the post is in the WP Forums by Marvelous Marventous? Thanks.

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