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    First you need to install the theme.

    Second, you need to replace the ENTIRE theme-head.php file with the one mentioned at the beginning of this thread.

    So, you need to go to theme-head.php in the editor. Select and highlight ALL code on in the editor window. Now, go to the new file, select ALL of that code, copy it and paste it over the highlighted code in your admin panel.

    Your RSS feed will begin working again, once you have done this correctly.



    Everytime I use this code my site goes down.

    I have edited the file and made sure the old code was gone.

    i have used this code:

    (Code snipped my moderator)



    I deleted the entire theme.head php twice, and inserted the code to no avail. What I really don’t understand is when I try to copy and paste, it doesn’t paste everything nice and neat, so I have to go in manually and separate the code line by line. It looks like I will have to look for another solution because this code didn’t work for me, it crashed my site when I tried to paste it, and I have installed a new version of wordpress and graphene, but keep getting the same error when I try to validate my feed.




    This code has also crashed my site I don’t know what is going on.



    I’m wondering since it says the only problem with my code is the &raquo, can’t I just change the code to say FantasyTeamAdvice.com with no coding in there and the problem should be fixed?



    Okay guys, I need some help, I followed the steps here and my entire site crashed, when I go to my site: http://www.workwithmarkchoo.com now all is get is:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in /home/content/04/8156404/html/wp-content/themes/graphene/includes/theme-head.php on line 1

    Please help.



    @ Waloshin,

    DO NOT code dump. We are well aware of the code for that file. If you feel you need to share code that large, please do it via pastebin.com. Code dumping like that makes it very difficult to easily navigate the thread. Thanks!

    Download the theme-head.php file from the link below to your computer, and upload it to your site (wp-content/themes/graphene/includes/theme-head.php), replacing the original.


    NOTE: One sec… trying to get this working. Okay, download the .rar, extract to get the theme-head.php and follow the instructions above regarding copying it to your site.



    @Josh, you need to install SVN in your server to get php files work without parsing!



    Thanks Prasanna, I’ll go check that out now.

    In the meantime, I made it a rar.

    Edit: I use hostgator. Is it something I can do via their admin panel?




    Okay, I noticed Syahir has made a revision in the project files regarding custom color not being applied to the submit button. It’s possible an error was made during this process.

    Try downloading this again from my site. I have used my theme-head.php file which I know works. The one I have is from before the change to the submit button color.


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