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  • Mickey


    After updating to 1.6 this morning my feed no longer works. Networked Blogs gives me error message: <unknown>:12:32: undefined entity

    Can someone please help? Thanks.

    I’m a novice at code and everything else involved so please be patient with me =) thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    Open up the includes/theme-head.php file and replace its content with the updated one here:




    Thank you very much. Simple quick and painless. Appreciate your help!



    I tried this fix but it did not work. I love this theme but may have to change it now…I cannot be without an RSS feed.



    Wait – I changed it in FTP, but now I changed it in the theme editor and it worked! Thanks!


    Kenneth John Odle



    Your feed is working fine from my end.



    Thanks Kenneth. I tried the fix Syahir suggested and it worked. Thanks!!!!



    It works here! Many thanks :). Massive Theme!



    Where is the /includes/theme-head.php file?



    The change above worked for me as well. Thanks, and love the theme. I just bought the mobile edition and it is excellent as well. Thanks SO much for all your work and help in this support forum.

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