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    Make sure “Custom Url” is selected in graphene options -> slider options -> slider image

    Then, on each post/page, under “slider options”, make sure “use global setting” is selected… and enter the url for your image.

    This is how I have my site setup… and it works for me.

    John McCubbin


    this still isnt working



    Yeah! Was expecting Josh’s answer as I’m not using featured image for slider! 🙂



    Are you sure you are using the correct urls for your images? Are you uploading them onto your own server? Are you using http:// in the link address as well?

    John McCubbin


    yes iv uploaded and adding http:// i have even tried using links to pictures hosted on other sites nothing is showing like yours



    Try adding www too.


    John McCubbin


    no this still didn’t work



    John, post a screenshot of both your admin slider settings…. AND one of your posts where you are using a custom slider image.

    John McCubbin




    Most of the times, it doesn’t work properly in the local host.

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