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  • John McCubbin


    I’m trying to add a image in the URL bit on the post and i have changed to use URL above it but its not showing the image is there any specifications

    John McCubbin


    sorry i put this in the wrong section i thought it was support i put it in



    Select Featured Image in Graphene Slider Options –> Slider image. Then, while publishing a post, enter the slider image URL in Custom slider image URL. If Custom slider image URL is not there, click on Screen Options at the top right corner of the page and select Graphene post-specific options

    Okay, moved to support.

    John McCubbin


    yes i did all of this to start with but its still not showing the selected image anywhere



    Okay, set that image as featured image,


    After clicking the “Set featured image” link follow the same steps as inserting images in Posts and Pages. But instead of the “Insert into Post” button use the “Use as featured image” link next to it.


    John McCubbin


    still the image didnt show in either post or slider



    Did you clear browser/ plugin cache?

    John McCubbin





    Hmm.. Isn’t the same post appearing on slider? (Dumb question, I know..)

    John McCubbin


    all the text in the post and any normal pictures are displaying but when i try to add one so its a background with text at bottom no picture

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