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    Hello Prassana!

    Infinite scroll dosn’t work in my website at all. I’ve tried by replacing the theme-loop.php file with the one you put here with no hell.

    Can you please help me. My website is it is in kurdish language, but you find infinite scroll button in the bottom of home page. The name in kurdish is بابەتی زیاتر.

    Another problem is the width of my site. I can’t figure out why my site background area is so wide. Can you help me with that as well.



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    Wonderful, Syahir! God bless you! This works so perfect. Immediately after I’ve uploaded the ckb.po file via the ftp-server and checked my website I saw the results and everything is now in Kurdish. This without going to WordPress directory and updating the theme.

    I will now continue in translating the rest of the strings into Kurdish and upload the files to you so that you could add it to the theme and publish it with the next updates of the theme.

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    Ok, Thank u very much for your efforts. The notices you wrote here are very valuable. I will try to do the way you described here and give the results later.

    I have used POEdit to edit the translation file/files. The code ckb is also correct it is an abbreviation to Central Kurdish. I will try this one instead of ku_KU.

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    Thank u for quick reply Syahir. I have uploaded .po and .mo files here.

    Translation for Continue Reading is ” زیاتر بخوێنەرەوە ” or ” درێژەی هەواڵ “.

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