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    I’ve read countless reports regarding “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” below the comment box. Well, I don’t see anything like that below my comment boxes. For me the problem occurs when I try to share a blog post to Facebook.

    I’ve deployed a couple WordPress blogs using the Graphene them. I’ve seen this problem come and go. The above solution to “Hide allowed tags in comment form” does not fix the problem for me.

    Neither does it help to add the following to style.css (graphene-child) or to add it to Graphene Options -> Display -> Custom CSS:




    I am stuck – desperately need a solution.

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    Thanks Josh. That did the trick – and trick is the right word 🙂

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    Thanks Kenneth. That allowed me to change the vertical position of my site name and description.

    Now, before closing this issue, how would I change the horizontal position? Specifically, how would I make it left justified, i.e. 0px from the left edge of the header?

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