Header Image Size Change – Revisited

  • vtrandal


    I have created a graphene-child theme to change my header image size as described here:


    The last step was to activate my graphene-child theme. Now I have a new header image size of 1100×100, but the text for my site name and tag line still have an absolute position that also needs to be changed to place it properly onto the header image:


    The text for my site name is “Guy Wire News” and the tag line is “Android hacking on the Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus, and XOOM”

    If you visit my web site you will see the site name and tag line have an absolute position that is below the new header image which is now only 100px high. How do I move them up onto the header image? Is the solution similar to changing the header image size? In other words do I need to add some code to my graphene-child style.css and functions.php files? If so, what?




    Thanks Kenneth. That allowed me to change the vertical position of my site name and description.

    Now, before closing this issue, how would I change the horizontal position? Specifically, how would I make it left justified, i.e. 0px from the left edge of the header?



    Add this to your custom css:

    .container_16 .grid_15 {
    margin-left: -57px;



    Thanks Josh. That did the trick – and trick is the right word 🙂

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