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    I disabled them all just to see whether that’s the problem or not.

    If I repost the same article now that I have the theme activated then the images are all normal (even with all plugins activated). It’s just a lot of work to repost everything. Hope there is a faster way than that.

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    So can anybody else help me with my problem please?

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    Check your plugins. One may be affecting the images.

    I tried that already and just tried it a second time. Deactived all plugins just to see whether its a plugin or not. The problem remains 🙁

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    Try to delete and upload pictures again.

    Make sure you assign proper size in attachment display settings.

    Thank you for your reply! Unfortunate that’s not the solution to my problem. In the editor the images appear to have the correct size. I did not insert them as thumbnails either. The problem appears only on some posts and not on all posts if that helps anybody to help me solve this problem.

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