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    #header-menu, #header-menu-wrap {

    See this tweet. –

    Coming up in Graphene 1.8: colour options for navigation menus (yes, with an s!), top bar, and footer.

    Worth waiting for it..

    Sounds great!

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    Thanks for your help. I ‘googled’ it and, having tried a couple of ways and getting frustrated at times (since I’m not technically-minded), I eventually found out how to do what I wanted. I probably didn’t explain myself well but basically I wanted to have two adverts side-by-side to maximise the space on my website. The code I used is:

    <img alt="" src="Image URL here" /> <img alt="" src="Image URL here" >

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    Hi Josh

    That has worked a bit. I had to leave out the phrases left content and right content. The widgets are now in the same box but going vertical down the page. I want them horizontal so they are sitting side-by-side. Do you know how I can do that?

    Thanks for all your help!

    For the website (posts, pages, page name headers etc. I added some family fonts to the web font section on graphene-display but they don’t appear when I write or edit pages. Maybe I haven’t done it correctly.

    Wow, that has worked a treat, thanks for that and the speedy response!!!

    Any ideas on getting different fonts?


    I don’t have adsense on the home page and I’ve taken it off the other pages but it’s not making any difference. Any other ideas I can try?

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    Thanks. I was having problems doing the same thing to another page so that’s why I didn’t click resolve. I’ve managed to sort it out this morning.

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    Thanks, you are a gem! I have just tried it again and it worked this time. I must have missed out some part of the code when I cut and pasted it the first time. Thank you!!! 🙂

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    Yes, got it thanks. It’s the same id I thought but it doesn’t work in the CSS (under display in graphene options). Am I supposed to put the code somewhere else?

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    I have another question. How do you use the web font families? I have added some but don’t know how to add them to my site.

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