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    Thanks for all your help so far. I have another question:

    I would like to put some of my ads and maybe other widgets side-by-side. How do I do that?





    What do you mean side by side?

    You can divide the content area of a widget by using divs. Something like this in the content section of a widget:

    <div style="width:100%;">
    <div style="float:left;width:45%;">Left content</div>
    <div style="float:right;width: 45%;">Right content</div>
    <div style="clear:both;"></div>



    Hi Josh

    That has worked a bit. I had to leave out the phrases left content and right content. The widgets are now in the same box but going vertical down the page. I want them horizontal so they are sitting side-by-side. Do you know how I can do that?

    Thanks for all your help!



    What do you mean? You want like blocks? Like ad spaces or something?

    You can control the height by using css. Something like height:100px;.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can do this, but it depends on where you want to do it. You can add widgets to the footer widget area, and control the number of columns by going to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Footer Widget Display Options.

    You can add widgets elsewhere by using Graphene action hook widget areas, but it will require you to write CSS to control their placement and appearance. See what I have here: just below the navigation bar and above the main content area.




    Thanks for your help. I ‘googled’ it and, having tried a couple of ways and getting frustrated at times (since I’m not technically-minded), I eventually found out how to do what I wanted. I probably didn’t explain myself well but basically I wanted to have two adverts side-by-side to maximise the space on my website. The code I used is:

    <img alt="" src="Image URL here" /> <img alt="" src="Image URL here" >

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