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    In reply to: Warning: getimagesize(): SSL operation failed with code 1


    In order to display your custom header image properly, the theme needs to get the header image’s dimensions. At the moment, the header image is accessed through its URL. The notice you’re seeing indicates that the server is unable to verify the SSL certificate being used when trying to access the image through HTTPS. This could happen if there’s a misconfiguration on the server, or if a self-signed SSL certificate is being used, so that’s probably something that you’d want to look into further.

    In the next theme update, the theme will access the image locally (through local absolute path instead of through URL) that should sidestep any potential SSL certificate issues such as the one you’re seeing.


    In reply to: PHP8 Compatibility – Error Message from customizer.php


    Thanks for the feedback. We have fixed this deprecation issue and will be included in the next theme update.


    In reply to: Displaying year in post dates


    Hi Keith,

    There is already an option in the theme’s settings (Appearance > Customize) to include year in the post date display.


    In reply to: widget and time out acess problem


    Hi Nicolas,

    I believe what you’re referring to is the new widget interface in WordPress 5.8 that uses blocks. Those loading icons are the new interface loading a preview of how each widget will look like to your visitors.

    If it takes too long for the previews to appear or it frequently times out, you can try switching back to the old widgets interface by installing the following plugin:


    Try temporarily disabling all plugins to see if it’s a conflict with other plugins.


    In reply to: How can i change h2 tags to h1?


    The post titles are using H2 on your homepage since you are using the standard layout of listing recent posts. There’s no option to change this to H1 tags since you will then have multiple H1 tags on the homepage, which wouldn’t be optimal for SEO.

    If you switch to using static front page, the post title will then use the H1 tag.


    In reply to: Issues with wordpress 5.8


    Yes, you would need an active license to obtain updates for Graphene Plus.


    In reply to: Hide Read More Button


    At the moment there is no option to remove the Read More button. However, you can hide it using Additional CSS.


    In reply to: sharing posts on twitter


    I’m not seeing any featured image on the website. Did you turn off the featured image feature?


    In reply to: Graphene – Disable Pause on Hover for Slider


    At the moment there is no option to disable pause on hover for the slider. We may include this option in the next theme update.

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