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    In reply to: WooCommerce Product Image Size


    Please provide the URL to the product page so that we can take a look.


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    By default the WooCommerce pages should follow the same layout as other pages on your site, without needing to add any custom page template in the theme. Is that what you are trying to achieve?


    In reply to: Translation not fully working


    Hi Bjorn,

    Try renaming the language files to graphene-nl_NL.po and and place them in wp-content/languages/themes/ folder.


    In reply to: Original files for old version of theme available?


    The files are located in wp-content/themes/graphene folder in the host server.

    If your aim is to get your website updated to the latest version of Graphene, I would suggest to just start fresh with the customizations. That is, update Graphene to the latest version, create a child theme, and then redo the necessary customizations using the child theme.

    The reason for this is because Graphene version 2.0 and above represents a major upgrade over all the previous versions. If you create a child theme for Graphene versions lower than 2.0, there’s no guarantee that the customizations made using that child theme will work with the latest version of Graphene. Most probably it won’t, and you’ll have to make further adjustments after that.


    In reply to: Graphene Theme with plugin AMP causing some errors


    The scripts listed in the error log shouldn’t be added to the page when using the Reader mode. Can you list down a few sample URLs that are indicated as having AMP errors?


    In reply to: Original files for old version of theme available?


    Here’s the link you can use to download version 1.7.3:


    In reply to: Graphene Theme with plugin AMP causing some errors


    Go to WP Admin > AMP > General, and make sure the “Template Mode” setting is set to “Reader”.


    In reply to: Featured image on top of posts


    Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll consider adding this in future updates.


    In reply to: Width of Theme in pixels


    when changing the Width from 1400 to 1600, shouldn’t the GT – Header Image – text change from 1400 to 1600 ?
    Click “Add new image” to upload an image file from your computer. Your theme works best with an image with a header size of 1400 × 320 pixels — you’ll be able to crop your image once you upload it for a perfect fit.

    You’ll need to reload the Customizer after changing the container width to have the new suggested header image size reflected in the Header Image options.

    Also would it be possible to display the following:
    – The col width in pixels (info only) in
    GT – Graphene: Display – Columns Width (I have 2 cols – 8 cols – 2 cols)
    (I am trying to figure out what the next best larger resolution should be, the column buffer zone is a

    – GT – Graphene: General – Slider
    Here we have the height but it will not give you the width, same as above point

    For example: I use Smush when using 1600 width with 3 columns (2 – 8 – 2) Smush tells me the graphene_slider should be 1036×280 (Shouldn’t your Theme tell me that?)
    Calculated for the large column, without the spacing around the columns 1600/12*8=1066
    So there is some spacing for the columns.
    I would also need to know how to set the WP – Settings – Media: Large size Max Width
    It should be a few pixels smaller then the slider I am assuming

    In theory, we could add this info. In practice, there will be a few complications, such as accounting for different padding between columns, selected container mode (e.g. boxed vs fluid), device sizes (e.g. desktop vs mobile), etc.

    What we’ve done is that we’ve adjusted all the sizes affected by the change in the background, so that everything continues to run smoothly. For example, images will still be sharp as the theme adjusts the registered image sizes according to your selected container and column width settings (this is what is reporting). Ditto auto-embedded videos – they’ll still (silently) fills up the whole content area width. These are not exact dimensions, however – they are simply best-compromises to account for the multiple use cases described above.

    If you’d like to know the exact dimension for your particular use case, you can use your browser’s developer tools, and inspect the element. It’ll provide you with accurate dimension info in much clearer presentation so you can size your media accordingly.

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