Hover for Sub-menu items not working

  • riley


    This might be a stupid question, but..

    Since the latest update, the nav bar on my website is not working properly. Hovering over the main entries works fine, but if I hover over the sub-items, the sub-sub-items do not show up. I tried disabling all plugins and clearing cache, but the problem persists. Problem appears on firefox, chrome and edge equally, I suspect its everywhere. When debugging with the firefox console, I figured out, that items are of class dropdown-toggle, while subitems are not members of this class. Furthermore, subitems do not have any mouseover events.

    I also found out, that this mechanic works fine on nav bars with fewer items. If I start deleting items from my nav bar, eventually, I get some of the functionality back.

    I have no idea why this happens, or how to fix this, if you have any ideas, I’m very grateful for any help.



    I am having the same difficulty and look forward to some suggestions on how to fix this. Thank you.



    Same here..
    only one level of submenus is supported.



    Okay, this is not a permanent solution to the problem, but installing the WP Mega Menu plugin seems to override enough of the themes navbar that it works again…



    @riley Yes, we are using Mega Menu as a workaround, too.
    But it looks somewhat ugly compared to the original Graphene menu.

    Can we please have a fix for whatever happened here?


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for reporting the issue. Can each of you please share the following info:

    1. The URL of your website where this issue is happening.
    2. If you go to WP Admin > Appearance > Menus, are the menu items actually there?



    Yes all the items are actually there on the menu. The site is JaneAustenVariations.com, I have rebuilt the menu though to remove the submenus, so you cannot see the problem in action.

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