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    Thank you very much, Syahir. Again.

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    I have a somewhat similar question. I have just 3 pages on my site – front page, contact and privacy. Posts go into categories and I show 10 posts per “page”. But, when I try to add a pagination plugin (to replace what is now “Show me more WOWs” and “Let me see those WOWs again”, and was “Older/Newer posts”, with something like < Page x >), it doesn’t work. Nothing changes. So, what am I missing, please?

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    That’s great. Thank you.

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    thx for getting back.

    just one more q: will it be possible to implement these adsense functionality changes without updating theme core files, through a child theme?

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    actually, that didn’t work for me either. sorry.

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    If I understand you correctly, all you need to do is this: move the drop-down menu content

    a bit to the right.

    now the front-page menu would have only WOW, and show other categories in drop-down.

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    Firstly, thank you Syahir for a great and customizable theme. Will let you all see mine, as soon as it’s online.

    However, I’m still having some issues, same ones as southxwest. I’d like to remove the black rectangle from the main nav, and instead have letters go bold, for hover and visited states.

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