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  • riebe


    Hey all – quick question.

    First of all, I love this theme. It’s easy to make my own (especially since I’ve never done this before)!

    My question though is that obviously I have categories and when we post to certain categories you can get to them on my side widget. But I would like for the posts to also go directly into certain pages (that correspond with the same categories). But instead the pages are pretty much just blank and don’t add any posts.

    Anyone know how to make the posts link to the pages as well?

    Thank you!


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    Syahir Hakim


    Don’t quite understand this part:

    But I would like for the posts to also go directly into certain pages (that correspond with the same categories)

    Can you explain a bit more?



    I have a somewhat similar question. I have just 3 pages on my site – front page, contact and privacy. Posts go into categories and I show 10 posts per “page”. But, when I try to add a pagination plugin (to replace what is now “Show me more WOWs” and “Let me see those WOWs again”, and was “Older/Newer posts”, with something like < Page x >), it doesn’t work. Nothing changes. So, what am I missing, please?



    Ya I can for sure try to explain. So I have my categories on the side of my blog. You can click on them and then it will bring you to that category page with all the posts linked to that category.

    That works wonderfully. So what I’m wondering is if I can have the posts link to actual “pages” on the blog. You can see my blog at and probably see better what I mean. Right now, when you click on any of the pages, other than home, it goes to a pretty much blank page that has a mini description. So I’m looking for either one of two things I would love to have happen instead:

    1) When you click on the specific page tab at the top in brings you to almost the same thing as when you click on a categories link on the side.


    2) If I can add a more direct link to say within the pages something like “look at my posts here” and then you click it and it brings you to the posts connected with that category (and also page name).

    Gosh I hope this makes a little more sense. Just right now I feel like my pages aren’t serving a purpose and my whole blog is about different cooking types so I would love the pages to correspond to the posts as well as the categories.

    Thanks again!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I get what you mean now. Actually, pages are serving the purpose you would like them to, which is namely, to act like a widget and show posts from a certain category.

    The purpose of a post is to provide information which you want readers to see now, but which will eventually be replaced by newer posts. The purpose of a page is to provide information which you want to always be available. You can always create links to specific posts in each page, but it seems to me that you are wanting each page to act like an RSS feed for a specific category. I’m not sure that this is possible, regardless of what theme you use.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Or is there a way to make this possible, using a child theme? Do you want something like this blog?

    Glancing through the codex I found how to link posts, pages and categories, and also how to use a function to create wp list pages. So it may be possible, if you are willing to create a child theme and play around with the php.

    I’ll take a look at this some more when it’s not so late.



    Syahir Hakim


    I think what you want can be achieved by using the Custom Menu feature in WP Admin > Appearance > Menus. You can add links to all sort of content using that custom menu, including pages, posts, categories, tags, etc.

    If you don’t see Categories on the left hand side when you’re trying to add a new menu item in the Custom Menu screen, click on the “Screen Options” on the top right corner and tick the “Categories” checkbox.



    Kenneth – Yes, that blog is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for finding that!

    Syahir – I’m going to play with that suggestion and see if I can’t get it to what my head is wanting!

    Thank you both so much for the replies. I think adding that feature will really make my blog function more how I am hoping. Also, as for the pages being static and always providing the same info – you are absolutely correct. I think I’ll go ahead and not only try to get the posts attached there at the bottom but also write some good blurbs about exactly what that page (or cooking character rather is what the pages represent) is about.

    Thank you both again! I’ll keep you updated on how it comes along!



    Kenneth John Odle


    Okay, I think I’ve got this figured out.

    First, go to Admin >> Appearance >> Menus

    You are going to create a custom menu that contains all the links you want. On the right side, you’ll see a box labeled “Menu Name.” Enter anything you want (visitors to your blog won’t see it) and click “Save.”

    Now look to the left. See where it says “Custom Link”? Enter the URL (including the “http://&#8221; bit, and in the box that says “Label” enter what you want the link to be called (this is what visitors to your blog will see, so call it something link “My Other Blog” and not “link #2”).

    Click “Add to Menu.” On the right side, your link will appear in your custom menu area.

    Add as many links as you want.

    Once you have your links added to your custom menu, you can grab them and drag them to whatever order you want. Put them in order and then click “Save Menu” again.

    Now, on the left side, you’ll see a box labeled “Theme Locations.” In the drop-down menu that says “Header Menu” select your custom menu. Click “Save.”

    If you navigate back to your blog, you will see that instead of a list of pages, you will now have the links that you want.

    This will completely eliminate the links to any pages you have created, however. The pages are still there. If you want readers to have access to them, you’ll have to create a sticky post and link to them from there, or link to them in a text widget.



    PS: To get back to your original question, however, what you will include in the link URL is the actual category link.

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