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    Great Prasanna it works

    Thanks alot !!!

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    I have desabled all plugins and the problem got resolved, thanks gor you help.

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    The same problem is with the background image also , the original one is in blue but you can see t is in black.

    The thing is whenever I am trying to upload an imag it doesn’t publish with oroginal color or you can say publish without colur (Black & White).

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    Sorry, I was doing trial and error . The screen shot what you sent was having the default header image provided by graphene, Now I uploaded again the images what I wanted to have the color changed as per the original which was blue, but you can see it is in blach

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    No, Not yet, if you see it is in balck but the original what I uploaded is in blue

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    Sorry, I did not mentioned the problem clearly,

    Actually when I am uploading an image which I need to be shown on the header in place of the defalut images as provided by Graphene,

    the image color appears in black instead of the original color of the image.

    And the same problem in occuring when I am uploading images for the background, right now I have uploaded the header images and backgroung images which are originally in bule color but its appearing black.

    For your reference my site is

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    Hi Luko,

    I have uploaded it in header under appearance.

    Also Apperance/Background for background image and color setting only working on the default images and backgrounds not on the uploaded header images or background.

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