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  • worked like a charm. thanks, boss! 😀

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    Okay, here goes. I’ve been reading a lot into CSS and creating a child theme. Guess I gotta learn these things at some point. Its going slow, but at least I’m learning.

    Syahir and Kenneth, thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll post more questions if I stumble upon any problems.

    Again, thank you for this wonderful theme!


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    Hi. Thanks for replying, Syahir. Somehow I knew this isnt gonna be easy. xD

    I’ve managed to apply the first two steps and getting all 4 homepage panes into my sidebar in addition to their original position. Thank you for that.

    Now, I’m assuming I have to modify sidebar.php to adjust the sidebar width? How do I hide the panes? What code do i use?

    Prolly too many questions, huh? 🙁

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