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    Presto!! JQueryslider is disabled. Thank you for your help and quick responses.

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    Great Syahir did that – not sure why it was not static anymore as did have it that way originally. Anyway it is again now and HOME tab has disappeared (yay!) but now have this big grey box between the header and where my wording on my Welcome page starts?

    On my page view is my dashboard it is fine but when I am on the site it looks weird…..

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    I have since taken the permalinks back to default and my welcome page is back.

    The HOME tab is still there.

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    I went into themes and selected updated version. It now shows as the Graphene Went back into my site and refreshed and to the Welcome page and now my site is not there???????

    I did edit the permalink for that page this morning as it was the only one without a page name.

    I now get a message saying This Website is coming soon…….

    The Home page is however still there and has not gone as I had hoped with the update???

    Can you assist?

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    Thank you will keep checking 🙂

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    Has the maintenance update happended??

    The page looks the same – is there something else I need to do my end ?

    We are waiting for this to fix in order to market our site.

    Thank you.

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