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    Great Syahir did that – not sure why it was not static anymore as did have it that way originally. Anyway it is again now and HOME tab has disappeared (yay!) but now have this big grey box between the header and where my wording on my Welcome page starts?

    On my page view is my dashboard it is fine but when I am on the site it looks weird…..


    Syahir Hakim


    That is the new feature on, the jQuery slider. It’s supposed to show your latest posts or posts from a category you selected. But since your website does not have any posts, only pages, that’s why it’s empty. You can just go to Graphene Options and tick “Disable slider” and it should disappear.



    Presto!! JQueryslider is disabled. Thank you for your help and quick responses.



    I cannot seem to edit my home page…

    Any advice.

    I am sure it is simple but not simple enough for me..

    please help?


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