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    Sorry for resurrecting this issue, though since it’s reoccurring and I consider it relevant, please let me have another shot at it:

    Which is at fault by now? Disqus, who’s development has halted for more than half a year at this point, or Graphene, that used to work just fine with Disqus comments before but now doesn’t count the comments correctly, even if you set it to automatically synchronize (which by the way only works with the version 2.84, while the beta version, 3.0.5, doesn’t even let me put up my API info in its configurations sometimes).

    Or maybe it’s even worse: The whole thing got shafted by WP 4.9.x, thus rendering Disqus unusable in this environment.

    I’m betting on WP-Disqus integration being abandoned the culprit, but I’d love to see something conclusive from someone far more knowledgeable than I, such as a Graphene developer.

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