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    Thanks so much, you pointed me in the right direction.

    Do you know how to disable “edit page”-feature, when you view your website while being logged in?

    thanks, Unkas

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    Hi Kenneth,

    my actual project is:

    You can see the problem right there. the background colour differs from the background colour in the image.

    The background colour in the image is #FFCC66 and the backgound colour in WordPress is also set to #FFCC66.

    But there is a difference and according to Photoshop the actual background colour of WordPress is #fdc862.

    With a different theme that doesn´t happen.

    I´m just starting the project, so i have no plugins installed yet.

    thx, Unkas

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    You´re the best, thanks

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    Again me,

    i used your theme on another blog and there i can find all the files. But i haven´t updated this blog yet.

    How can i have no files, but still a working theme?

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    the css you posted corrected almost everything for me. The is just the blue border around the articles in the slider left. How to change this back also.

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    Please have a look also , what happend to my sidebar:

    And in the slider, the button “read full article” from the first post is not visible.

    Thanks, nearly

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    I use Filezilla, but there is just nothing.

    But still wordpress points to the folder you just mentioned.

    I don´t get it.

    Also, all beckups i made in the past, have nothing in the graphene folder.


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    Thanks Syahir for the quick answer.

    I tried the css you provided, but still it´s quite a mess. e.g. the sidebar changed, so nothing fit´s anymore.

    I´m quite in a critical state in the moment and would like to revert to backup right now.

    Why is the theme folder empty? I don´t get it. I can´t find any graphene releted files and yet, the theme is there?

    Thx, nearly

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    Oops, that was embarrasing.

    But if i tick that box, it gives my an ugly dropdown menu, just saying “categories”, in a very windows-style.

    With the theme i tried before yours, i had all the top-level categories shown and could expand them with a + sign.

    Well, anyway, i liked it.

    Thanks for your help. Love your theme

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