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    Hi MA or Key Master,

    Can either you tell me how you did this Page Menu Hover change? I copied that exact code (shown above) to my Custom CSS, but the hover still shows black. I changed the code color to #ffffff

    http://www.laweddingwoman.com is my site if you can glance at it.

    Is there anything I need to change in the style.css or any of the other CSS codes? I changed ALL hover’s to #FFFFFF in ALL of the CSS codes, but no luck there either 🙁

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    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for the advice. I gave it a try. I changed ALL hover links in ALL of the 4 style sheets to a light blue color, but the Page Nav Menu is still showing hover and active state in black.

    I would LOVE a Custom CSS code for this fix if anyone has one! 🙂

    I read about changing the sprite image, but does that really even affect me? http://www.laweddingwoman.com? Can someone click on my page and tell me if the Sprite image even shows up? I don’t see it.

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    The #header-menu totally word, but I tried

    #secondary-menu {

    background: #ffffff;


    This didn’t make my drop down menus change to white. They are still gray: http://www.laweddingwoman.com

    What I really want is to get rid of the black hover! How do I get rid of all of that black!? I want to make it white or blue!

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    I have been trying to change my menu navigation background and hover color for about 4 hours now with no luck.

    I do not know CSS, and my pages (navigation) colors are not in the graphene colour options.

    I can go into the CSS if I am given exact directions.

    Does anyone know how to change the PAGES menu background and hover color? My site is light blue and the Pages and hover are black 🙁


    I don’t want black. I can’t find #000 anywhere! Where is this black coming from? I checked ALL style sheets and changed all #000 to a blue color, but it still shows.

    Please help!

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