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    Hi there, great theme. The best I could have picked.

    My question relates to the drop-down menu in my navigation bar. I haven’t found a question like this in the forums yet (so forgive me if there is one).

    When I hover over a parent page in the navigation, I get my lists of sub-pages. But when I glide my mouse over a selection, the hover link turns white, just like the background. I would like for it to be black so it doesn’t disappear.

    I’ve yet to find CSS code for my child theme, does anyone know code for this? I do use Firebug but I don’t really know what I’m doing yet, it might not be working properly.

    Here’s my website (only the home page is up and running so far):

    Also, I would like to fix the width of the drop down menu. I think there’s a question on this forum regarding that, but it didn’t seem to work for me. Does anyone know code for that?

    (PS: disregard my double drop down menu, I’m in the process of removing it. The arrows look odd in the text, but I won’t be needing it anyway).

    Thanks a lot folks!


    Syahir Hakim


    Post moved to the Graphene Theme’s support forum, instead of the Graphene Mobile support forum.

    For the menu hover color, try adding this to your Custom CSS:

    #header-menu ul li:hover > a,
    #header-menu ul li.current-menu-item > a,
    #header-menu ul li.current-menu-ancestor > a {
    color: #000;

    As for the dropdown menu width, try setting 200 in Graphene Options > Display > Navigation Menu Display Options > Dropdown menu item width.



    Hi there, thanks for all the help.

    My dropdown menu width seems a lot better, so I would consider that resolved.

    As for the hover, nothing happened, it’s still white when I hover over it. Perhaps I could find code so that there’s no hover at all? I don’t understand why the code you gave me wouldn’t work in my child theme.

    Also, my Firebug issue is resolved. I had downloaded Firebug Lite, and now I have the regular Firebug. Maybe I’ll find my hover answer on my own if I can find the code.

    Thanks again,



    Disregard my last post.

    The reason why the code didn’t work in my child theme was because I was using ) instead of } – which is clear proof that I’m a CSS newbie. What’s great about this discovery is that all the things I was attempting to modify with my child theme suddenly appeared on my site. One ) was blocking all the changes I tried to make.

    Again, thanks! This is a very useful community, to be able to modify anything at will is very empowering.



    Hi MA or Key Master,

    Can either you tell me how you did this Page Menu Hover change? I copied that exact code (shown above) to my Custom CSS, but the hover still shows black. I changed the code color to #ffffff is my site if you can glance at it.

    Is there anything I need to change in the style.css or any of the other CSS codes? I changed ALL hover’s to #FFFFFF in ALL of the CSS codes, but no luck there either 🙁

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