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    Thanks Prasanna – apologies, newbie on steep learning curve! 🙂

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    Many thanks Kenneth 🙂

    Of course, I was in such a panic I didn’t see the resources links. Next time RTFM 🙂

    Here’s the CSS I picked up and had to insert to correct my post-upgrade problems (all entered in appearance/graphene options/display/custom CSS:

    – post titles were re-appearing. I previously had:

    .post-title a, .post-title a:visited {
    display: none;

    but needed to add

    to the list

    - This bit sorted out the narrower top menu:

    #header-menu, #secondary-menu {
    margin: 0px;

    - and this fixed my unruly site title and description, which was wandering about:

    .container_16 .push_1 {
    left: 30px;
    position: relative;
    top: 95px;

    .container_16 .grid_10 {
    width: 680px;

    Good luck everyone! 🙂

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    OK – all fixed. Apologies for all these posts!

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    Hi all

    After a bit of hectic CSS self-learning, I have resolved everything except the top menu, which remains a few pixels narrower at left and right than the header and the body. Where/how can I fix this?

    Thanks again for all your help, best wishes


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    update after a panicked half hour or so. It looks as if the only things remaining to be fixed after the update to 1.6 are:

    – the top menu is now slightly narrower than the header and the main body

    – the site title and description in the header area seem to have ‘shifted’, so now only the title is visible and not very well positioned, and the description has disappeared.

    Help!!! please 🙂


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    Hi all

    Was enjoying the fruits of your great work on this theme and my beginner’s efforts on my site:

    Just (obviously rather foolishly) upgraded automatically to 1.6. Lots of minor but annoying bad formatting stuff has happened. I only made three minor custom css entries in theme options/display/custom css, so now I am at my wits’ end as to how to get it looking as it did before.

    Two questions:

    – is there an easy way to roll back to the previous version, will everything look as before?

    – I had made a full backup before updating – would that be the easiest way to restore and, if so…how do I restore from a backup?? 🙂

    Many thanks guys, your hard work and selfless help is truly appreciated!

    Cheers from Poland


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    Many thanks, Manasse 🙂

    The techspeak is still a little bit over my head but I think I follow you.

    As you have perhaps seen on my site, I am keeping it very simple – just the standard nav menu below the header. Because of this, the thought of adding another menu for some pages seems to me to be a more confusing option than slightly changing the order of pages in the nav menu. But neither option is too big an issue, and I will see what other feedback I receive about the site.

    Appreciate your help


    Thanks all once again for your feedback!

    @Kenneth: agree 100% about the developer credits – as I said, I put them straight back in and they are there to stay

    @waloshin: I have been using the name Graphene for two years in business. I own a legally registered business entity in the UK called Graphene Partners. Hopefully you realise I didn’t go to all that trouble just to match the name of the theme. It’s a very nice coincidence.

    @HayManMarc: great, thanks – another little task for me to master 🙂

    Thanks Gbenga – just need to make my logo first! 🙂 🙂

    I have updated with some more links in the page itself.

    Khairul – apologies, in my enthusiasm to trim down the site to minimalism I took out the developer credits. That was a shameful omission and I have re-inserted them. Apologies!

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    Thanks Kenneth, appreciate your constructive slapdown 🙂

    I agree that completely changing your menus is confusing; in my case the point is that – depending on which area of my site someone is reading, certain links should be more prominent/easy to reach than others. Surely this is not a strange request?

    Appreciate from the previous reply that the best way forward may be to use widget menus on the side bars. Once I’ve recovered from the euphoria of getting my site up and running at all, then moving to MU, and then switching the whole lot from one domain to another with mass SQL editing, I’ll get round to sorting out the menus.

    Look forward to your post – thanks again for your advice and help 🙂



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