Thanks for a great theme! Here's my beginner's effort at a static site…

  • McChazza


    The site is:

    All comments greatly appreciated. This was produced after about a week after first installing WP / Graphene and with no prior development experience at all.

    My choice of theme was merit-based – it’s a very happy coincidence that my company is also called Graphene! 🙂

    Was very happy to have mastered a multi-language site and related network installation – before trying it I never thought I would be editing in SQL!

    Now trying to get my head around:

    – how to get the URL to stay as my domain name as opposed to the server (this is apparently difficult/impossible for network installations – any tips very gratefully received!)

    – how to optimise for search engine indexing and where exactly to stick in the Google Analytics code

    Best wishes and good luck to fellow Graphene users and thanks again for an excellent theme!




    Nice attempt. I’ll suggest you make your home page more colourful with maybe a picture as well as including your logo.

    Also consider introducing other options for people to navigate your site other than the menu bar especially on your home page.

    Best of luck




    Thanks Gbenga – just need to make my logo first! 🙂 🙂

    I have updated with some more links in the page itself.

    Khairul – apologies, in my enthusiasm to trim down the site to minimalism I took out the developer credits. That was a shameful omission and I have re-inserted them. Apologies!


    Kenneth John Odle


    how to get the URL to stay as my domain name as opposed to the server

    Your URL looks fine to me. Maybe it’s the computer you are viewing it from.

    where exactly to stick in the Google Analytics code

    Graphene Options >> General >> Google Analytics Options

    I took out the developer credits

    According to the theme’s license, this is okay. But it is a great theme and I think it’s nice when people include it.



    I don’t like how you used the name Graphene when the theme is named Graphene.



    If you’re going for minimal/simplistic, you nailed it. My only suggestion would be to make your link color a little darker or something — make those links stand out! If you change the header image, make your links and language widget match it’s main color. And why not use a color photo of yourself?

    Overall, it looks pretty good to me. Perhaps include the HOW WE HELP info on the front/home page instead of it’s own page?



    Thanks all once again for your feedback!

    @Kenneth: agree 100% about the developer credits – as I said, I put them straight back in and they are there to stay

    @waloshin: I have been using the name Graphene for two years in business. I own a legally registered business entity in the UK called Graphene Partners. Hopefully you realise I didn’t go to all that trouble just to match the name of the theme. It’s a very nice coincidence.

    @HayManMarc: great, thanks – another little task for me to master 🙂

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