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    The image I would like to use is similar to the current header image only in black and white with blue accents. I don’t think the new image itself is the issue. Even if i try using one of the default images as my header it doesn’t actually change. Whichever image I choose, aside from the one that currently appears on the site, it lets me select it and then shows up in the Header Image preview section under Appearances, but once I click on the actual live site, the image hasn’t actually changed and my current image remains. Thoughts…

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    I had to revert to a backup version of my site, which is now back up and running. However, the original header issue remains. Any advice?

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    Update I was able to reinstall the graphene theme and activate it, but now my website shows up blank. Any ideas on how to fix.

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    I tried deactivated the plugins that didn’t work so I reactivated them. I tried to reinstall the theme by deleting it in the themes/appearances page, but it would not let me reinstall because it said the stylesheet was missing. So i went into my ftp and deleted the theme from my wp-content/theme folder and it still says that the stylesheet is missing and won’t let me reinstall (graphene does not appear as an option at all) it just gives me an option to update. Please help.


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    Yes, I tried clearing the cache, but it still doesn’t work. The link to the site is

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    oops thought i included that sorry here it is

    thanks 🙂


    I was able to get the code back for the loop-children.php file. But how do I make it so it lists the child pages in the custom order i used in the navagation rather than in alphabetical order? Btw in my panic in my last post i forgot to mention how wonderful the graphene theme is!

    I accidently deleted the code in the loop-children.php file. Can you send it to me again? I was trying to copy and paste it into a word document so I could see how i could edit it so that the subpages would appear in the same order as listed in the navigation, but I accidently hit cut and it disappeared….help… thank you

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