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    This change is made in the style.css file ? Mine didn’t work. I tired findig all the #000 color in the style.css file and replace it with my color. I copied the style.css file to the child theme and made me a custom sprite_h.png with no black in it. I don’t understand where from si the menu bar pulling it’s color.

    Can you help?

    Adding the custom sprite_h file to the parent grahpene theme, works. But i want it in my child theme so that i don’t have to replace it at every update.

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    Hy. I have a similar problem. I modified the sprite_h.png image, and copyed it in the child theme image folder, i added in the child theme style.css the original code from the parent style.css for the menu bar.

    My problem is that the main menu bar didn’t change colors, like it’s pulling the color from the parent sprite_h, not from the child. What am i missing ?

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    Will do, tahnks allot!

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    sorry, my net went out. I maneged it, i just modified all the black parts in the sprite_h.png to blue, and int worked, hope it dosen`t messes anything else up.

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    I think you misunderstood me. In your site, it is changed from black to blue. Example from your site: when i hover with the mous on the “Life” button, the dropdown menu opens, and the higlights are also blue, in my site, they are still black, after i pasted the sprite_h.png

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    it worked, thank you! But my submenu highlight is still black, is there something i can dou about it?

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    many many thanks!!!

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    wow, thanks allot! The blue you used in your theme fits perfectly with my site to, i noticed it is just the same as the widget title background. I was hopeing to do the same.

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    got it! I am familiar, but not very good at it

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    Yes, but that is still the old site, I am renewing it, with the site i am just creating using wordpress and graphene. The new site is still offline.

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