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    Okay, let’s see if I can explain this correctly.

    In the footer of my main site, I changed the background color to blue. Now, in the admin page (and all user profile pages), the blue is showing up at the very bottom of the page… in the… well… footer.

    So, these are both pulling the #footer css element.

    I’m pretty sure there is a way to break this into two… like #footer .admin and #footer .website. And then make two new css elements. I’m just not sure if I have the syntax right.

    Also, I know I would have to alter the divs associated with each. How would I name this? Something like <div id="footer" class="admin">

    Is there an easy explanation?

    Thank you!


    Syahir Hakim

    #17768 you mean the footer shows up as blue as well in the WP Admin? That shouldn’t be happening.. how did you implement that footer colour change?



    Well… I opened your /images/sprite_h.png file in photoshop and did a blue, gradient overlay over the strip you had as gray.

    I think I now see the conflict.



    Pics for future reference…

    Website Footer:

    Admin Footer:


    Syahir Hakim


    I see that you’ve implemented the change via Custom CSS, and that the Custom CSS is applied in the admin area as well. This is not the intended behaviour – the Custom CSS should only be applied on the front end.

    Have fixed this and will include it in future update.



    That’s Right!! I completely forgot I still had some code in my custom css file. I could not remember for the life of me, where it was pulling that gradient color.

    Thanks for reminding me about that.

    Going now to switch it to my child styles.

    Thanks Syahir!



    Hi Josh.

    I was browsing thru your site, and i was wondering, can you help me out in changing the navigation menu highlight and footer, just like you did in your site? I don`t know anything about css and other programing codes.

    Thank you !



    Yes, of course.

    What is the url of the site? Is it this one?



    Yes, but that is still the old site, I am renewing it, with the site i am just creating using wordpress and graphene. The new site is still offline.



    Okay. Let’s start with the nav menu.

    The graphic which has the background is called sprite_h.png. It is located in your wp-content/themes/graphene/images folder. Are you familiar with photoshop?

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