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  • I don’t think this solved my problem. We may not be talking about the same thing, but that’s my fault for not explaining myself properly.

    Here’s a picture of where I’d like to remove the link:

    ‘Exhibitions’ is a parent page, but there’s nothing on it. I would like to keep it in the navigation bar, but remove the link: making it unclickable.

    If that’s not possible, I’d like to be able to redirect people to another page, like the top page of the drop down.

    Thanks again Syahir, maybe what you said is the solution to my problem, but I can’t seem to get a custom menu in my main navigation bar (I can put it just below the nav bar, like a 2nd navigation bar. But not with the other parent pages.)

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    Disregard my last post.

    The reason why the code didn’t work in my child theme was because I was using ) instead of } – which is clear proof that I’m a CSS newbie. What’s great about this discovery is that all the things I was attempting to modify with my child theme suddenly appeared on my site. One ) was blocking all the changes I tried to make.

    Again, thanks! This is a very useful community, to be able to modify anything at will is very empowering.

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    Hi there, thanks for all the help.

    My dropdown menu width seems a lot better, so I would consider that resolved.

    As for the hover, nothing happened, it’s still white when I hover over it. Perhaps I could find code so that there’s no hover at all? I don’t understand why the code you gave me wouldn’t work in my child theme.

    Also, my Firebug issue is resolved. I had downloaded Firebug Lite, and now I have the regular Firebug. Maybe I’ll find my hover answer on my own if I can find the code.

    Thanks again,

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