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    I forgot about incognito (ironic name). It works in that, so I’ll have to figger out which extension is the issue.

    Not urgent, as the widget works everywhere that matters.

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    It only happens with Chrome. I have all kinds of debug extensions in Chrome, but my Firefox is worse. It works in FF and Safari.

    I have to assume that it is one of my Chrome debug extensions. I’ll work on it when I get a chance (It’s a bit tedious for me to switch them off, one-by-one, clear cache, test, etc.).

    Thanks for looking at it!

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    Well, it’s fixed. There were two issues:

    1) I should have used is_singular().

    2) I had a nested function (function inside a function) that gave Graphene the heebie-jeebies. I have no idea why. In any case, it wasn’t difficult to move the function out into the global context, and that fixed it.

    Really thrilled with Graphene. You guys done good.

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    I am the plugin author.

    The plugin gets the content in exactly the same manner as in a full page.

    I’m looking for a flag in which I can tell my parser to leave the content alone.

    In archive pages, I know these are not full pages, but your child page listings seem to follow a different path.

    I’m quite willing to look for cues and handle it myself; I just don’t know what the cues are.

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    I have a problem.

    I had child pages listing, but I have a plugin that parses content, and does some stuff within the content if certain shortcodes/whatnot are there.

    The problem is that the child pages seem to be completely valid full pages to this content filter, so the entire page breaks if the child pages are enabled.

    Disabling child pages is not the optimal solution, but it is what I had to do.

    Is there a way to convince the plugin that the child page should not be parsed?

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    Hmm… must have been a cache issue.

    I went back to my site today, and all is back to normal. I did not run any updates.

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