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    OK, I understand that you are saying except part about custom css in display tab. I know where it is but don’t know how to form a string line that will work. All examples that I have found says only one part of string not the whole part with star and end line. Can you please write down some examples or this particular solution to a problem?

    Inspect element trick does not work fine because when I set (I use Chrome) inspect element I get lines that I don’t know where to find and they are not same as in style css or any other. Please can you direct me in right way?

    About child theme, can I just copy this one and name it child in site ftp folder? and continue to work on it with changes in style.css? will update still affect it or not?

    Sorry I’m asking some q’s that are probably answered before but I need this explained this way, because I can directly apply it. Please understand me. 🙂

    In reply to: Background issues, font issues,…


    Yes but they didn’t say anything where to put code exactly or alternative way. Why does plugins that are made for this don’t work? Can you at least tell me is there any that works for you?

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