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    Ok so I have no idea what happened….but suddenly everything is working?? I have no idea what happened….really I have no idea….but it’s all working thanks

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    I am using the current theme. I did modify a lot of the fonts…but its the blockquote and sprites that seem to be causing an issue. The site is: I did it all in CSS

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    I just noticed that WordPress updated to 3.5.1 but that’s all

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    I did not. It seemed that when updating SLIDESHOW it over rights the CSS but then I went through and manual fixed it…but still cannot change sprite images. IF I replace the image, the sprite disappears. I tried uninstalling all the plugins but nope. I even uploaded an older theme file but that still did nothing. I am really confused as to why all of a sudden it would not work. I am very frustrated because I had this all customized exactly as I wanted then suddenly the theme broke. I uninstalled and re-installed the theme and went back through changing just the fonts, blockquote style and the notices but it won’t let me change the sprites on the blockquote image for some reason….I really don’t know what’s going on here…But, I am going to try and get rid of slideshow somehow…it never conflicted before though??

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    FIXED!!! Apparently it was the Role Scoper plugin? Don’t know why but once I deactivated everything and reactivated one at time…that one caused problems…

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    The only thing I modified was colors in my jquery menu…but no to everything else. I have the same plugins…I have always had. I cannot seem to find where it tells the dashboard to display the categories properly. list_category is missing

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