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    Okay suddenly the categories in the dashboard area are not showing any ‘child’ categories. If I add a category it displays it properly for a second but then if I refresh it just shows all categories not in the proper list.


    I have a category called About Kenaz Kindred. I created three sub categories: Polices, History and Membership. At first it displayed:

    About Kenaz Kindred




    but then refresh just shows

    About Kenaz Kindred



    They don’t show as parent then child. It is very irritating!! Any fix for this?? I cannot even find a list_category anywhere!!


    Kenneth John Odle

    Okay suddenly the categories in the dashboard area are not showing any ‘child’ categories.

    Things don’t just “suddenly” happen without something else happening first. So….

    Have you edited any theme or WP files?

    Have you recently installed or activated any new plugins?

    Have you recently upgraded WordPress, themes, or plugins?

    Have you tried disabling plugins to see if this a plugin conflict?



    The only thing I modified was colors in my jquery menu…but no to everything else. I have the same plugins…I have always had. I cannot seem to find where it tells the dashboard to display the categories properly. list_category is missing



    FIXED!!! Apparently it was the Role Scoper plugin? Don’t know why but once I deactivated everything and reactivated one at time…that one caused problems…


    Kenneth John Odle


    Usually these things are the result of edited theme files or a plugin conflict. Glad you got it figured out!

    If you need something like Role Scoper, I suggest User Role Editor. I’ve not had problems with it in the latest versions of WordPress and Graphene.

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