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    To hide the mobile menu

    1) Open your website in Chrome;
    2) Press F12;
    3) Click in “Select an element in the page to inspect it“;
    4) Click (just once) on the button that you want to hide ;
    5) Go to Elements (still in Chrome);
    6) Go to the selected code and use the mouse right-click;
    7) Copy >> Copy Selector.

    Now, open your WordPress Graphene

    Appareance >> Customize >> Additional CSS

    1) Paste the code there;
    2) After it, type the folowwing command:

    	display: none;}

    Your code’ll be more os less like this:

    body > div.container.boxed-wrapper > nav > div.navbar-header.align-left > button{
    	display: none;}

    I hope this helps

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    The Syahir Hakim’s code worked perfectly.

    To my Graphene Theme, I just replaced the .dropdown-menu to #header-menu.

    It was like that:

    #header-menu> .active > a,
    #header-menu > .active > a:focus,
    #header-menu > .active > a:hover {
    background-color: red;

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    It was perfect, Prasanna SP. Thank you!

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    Hello. I’m trying to put a FadeIn effect in the background image.

    I’m using the CSS

     -webkit-animation: fadein 3s; /* Safari, Chrome and Opera > 12.1 */
           -moz-animation: fadein 3s; /* Firefox < 16 */
            -ms-animation: fadein 3s; /* Internet Explorer */
             -o-animation: fadein 3s; /* Opera < 12.1 */
           animation: fadein 3s;

    Just that, I tried to put it in the content, in the <a>, in the ab-item, body.custom-background, etc.
    Incidentally, I also tried to put it in the body, and everything fades, except the background image.

    Anyone knows how the background could react to the CSS?

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