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    I have been using the theme without any problems for quite a while now. However, I am now having an issue where the icons for the social media and icons in general are not appearing on my site in the header and footer unless you have logged in. I am assuming this must be a code flaw somewhere as if it works when I log in as Admin then it cannot be a web host thing. I am with siteground and use the super cacher etc.. which might cause an issue?

    Any ideas please let me know as I have to get it solved. Also I am a total PHP newbie so any solutions need some careful explaining!






    I am having a similar is at JaneAustensDragons.com . The social icons are not appearing in the header or the footer.

    I have another site, RandomBitsofFascination.com which runs on Graphene and the icons are properly in place. I at a loss for why one is work and the other is not.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Maria Grace



    Hi Maria,

    I worked it out in the end. I needed to have www. in front of my web address. It was something to do with the secure certificate and how that is registered in my hosting.

    I think the two have to match up and then the images are served. It is just a web host thing. They helped me out in the end.




    I’m having the same issue. The icons appears and desapear everytime I click F5.

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