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    Thanks for the fix!

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    It really would be great for the theme to have a little refresh!

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    I don’t believe I can post the URL publicly because of some semi-adult content which may not be acceptable.

    As an aside, using this on another site with Graphene ( – an aviation news site) did not cause the issue, when running the plugin in its original form so I am assuming a plugin conflict and I’m turning plugins off and clearing cache in an attempt to narrow the problem further on the site we are having issues with.

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    Minor Update:

    Running the code as PHP within the post using exec-php plugin will produce a perfect output with no errors. I still would like to use shortcodes and a plugin however.

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    I’ve looked, but nothing like this exists as a plug in by itself. I do know that it exists, the icon effect I mean, with the WP Touch plugin however. Posts that appear on a ipad or similar appear with different coloured calendar icons/sprites. I think I’ll have to see how that is done, it uses a theme that overrides the standard theme in order to display the site. Maybe I can use the CSS from that as a guide to doing what I am thinking of. If anyone has other thoughts, please leave a comment? Should I figure something out, I’ll post a thread explaining how I managed it for comment.

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    So there is no way to, for example, use the grey icon as the base image and then just change its color via CSS?

    Thank you for your thoughts, I do appreciate it!

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