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  • do you mean the image caption that is entered when uploading an image via WordPress? If so, there is no option to enter a “caption” for video’s that are embeded via youtube or in the post settings.

    Thanks. It took me some time to figure out a solution for this, but it’s okay. I didn’t quite get what I wanted through the hooks, but whatever 😉

    I now use Amazon Ads in the theme-built-in Adsense code field and added a separate widget area through the hook called “graphene_before_bottomsidebar” within “sidebar-footer.php” and applying the custom-css:

    #graphene-dynamic-widget-graphene_before_bottomsidebar {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #E3E3E3;

    In that hook I can just add a widget that suits my needs as stated above. For the built-in ads options, I didn’t find a solution, to replace them with a customizable widget.

    sorry for my late reply. with the current style.css it seems to work like a charm again. Thanks 🙂

    I did that just now, adjusting both z-indexes. The result was the same: The Shadowboxes (both image and flash) do work like this, BUT on the homepage resp. index page (www.hollbeck.net), it was impossible to click on some of the lower submenu-items (I marked yellow on this screenshoot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/51068048/menu-slider.JPG ).

    The temporary fix for me now is ONLY

    #sb-container {
    z-index: 1000;

    without touching the z-index of


    . Now it all seems to work as before the update to Graphene 1.6. (At least I didn’t find yet any bugs connected with this anymore.)

    I assume the


    is though provided by the Shadowbox-JS Plugin? I hope there will be a better fix for this in the next update of the theme, as it had worked before without custom CSS for the plugin 😉

    Yes, I’ve removed the custom CSS again, as the menu bar is the primary navigation in my website and thus more important than some pictures displayed. right now the theme is back to what it was before (theme default).

    z-index:100 did cause that the drop-down menus don’t work on the home page – as soon the mouse would hover over the slider-section.

    –> might it help to set a different “z-index” than 100? I’m not used to CSS-modifications so much, so I have no idea how to fix it. In the previous Version of Graphene it was not a problem.

    I correct myself, it does NOT solve the problem, as it causes another issue: if I use that custum CSS, the header menu sub-items are not accessible, if using the slider on the start page 🙁

    Thank you a lot for that quick help – that solved it for me now.

    oh, I forgot to write: In Firefox, both image and flash app are affected.

    In reply to: 1.6 update messed up Feedburner


    Actually only your RSS-Feed of your blog does not get validated because of a symbol, described in HTML


    , which should not be there (at least that was it in my case). Your Blog should be fine, even if you don’t fix this bug.

    To use FTP is not very difficult. Your hosting company should give you the access data for their FTP-Server where your blog is installed. Then you can use any FTP-Client to move files around, similar to moving files in windows or mac, whatever you are using. To edit the .php file you can use any simple text editor.

    What about all this is so hard??

    In reply to: 1.6 update messed up Feedburner


    Just replace

    return $title;

    on line 462 of the theme-head.php with the following:

    return ent2ncr( apply_filters( ‘graphene_title’, $title ) );

    This solved the issue for me, although I’m not using Feedburner, just the standard wordpress-feed.

    Thanks, Syahir. I searched long enough for the solution too. Next time I search this forum first 😉

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