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  • @Kenneth – Thank you. My issue isn’t an issue with the theme itself, but with modifications to the header.php & footer.php files. By Auto Upgrading the theme, these files get overwritten.

    Using the method given, what I would like to do is take it one step further and only overwrite necessary files in the ‘Graphene” folder…

    i.e. Go into: wp-content>themes>graphene folder

    and then only upload the files that need to be overwritten?

    So my question was to find out which files are required and which are not for a manual upgrade of this nature? With this information, I know if any customized files need to be re-edited.

    FYI – This is the first support request logged on this forum and I must agree with fellow members & give praise where its due. The turn-around time so far is fantastic!



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