Update to 1.6.2 (from 1.6.1) – Files to overwrite using FTP

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    Hi. I would like to update and installation of Graphene 1.6.1 to 1.6.2, but am weary of using Auto-Update Feature (as it has broken the theme before). Can you please advise which files should be overwritten to do the update via FTP?

    BTW – I’m really loving this theme


    Kenneth John Odle


    I have never had an issue with the Auto-Update feature before, but a lot depends on the reliability of your host and your internet connection.

    Upgrading via FTP is easy, but there’s important bit that throws some folks off.

    First, download the new theme. It will download as a .zip file.

    Second, unarchive the .zip file. You should now have a folder labeled “graphene.1.6.2” If you open that folder, you’ll find another folder inside it labeled “graphene” without any numbers. This is the folder you want to upload.

    Third, using your FTP client, open your site. Open your WordPress folder (where you have your blog installed). You should find a folder labeled “wp-content”. Open it.

    You should find a folder labeled “themes”. Open it.

    You will probably find a number of folders here (one for each theme you have installed). If you look, you will already see a folder labeled “graphene” (no numbers).

    Upload the “graphene” folder from your computer to your “themes” folder. When your FTP client asks if you want to overwrite the existing folder, say “Yes”.

    It may take a few minutes, but that’s it.



    @Kenneth – Thank you. My issue isn’t an issue with the theme itself, but with modifications to the header.php & footer.php files. By Auto Upgrading the theme, these files get overwritten.

    Using the method given, what I would like to do is take it one step further and only overwrite necessary files in the ‘Graphene” folder…

    i.e. Go into: wp-content>themes>graphene folder

    and then only upload the files that need to be overwritten?

    So my question was to find out which files are required and which are not for a manual upgrade of this nature? With this information, I know if any customized files need to be re-edited.

    FYI – This is the first support request logged on this forum and I must agree with fellow members & give praise where its due. The turn-around time so far is fantastic!



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